Artwork by Jon Nunes and Henock Sileshi


Ameer Vann Is “Sincerely, Yours” On His New Single

Emerging from a hiatus to prove he’s worth the wait

When Brockhampton vocalist Ameer Vann emerged on the rap radar with his self-titled EP at just 17 years old, it was clear that this Texas-bred artist was one to watch. Since then, he's kept somewhat quiet, churning out a handful of singles from the dark, melodic "Disconsolate" to the gritty, aggressive "LOVE," while keeping his work in progress under wraps until today. We're eager to premiere "Sincerely Yours," a sweet taste of what's to come on Vann's upcoming solo project.

Not only is this his first solo single, but it marks Vann's first release since he relocated to Los Angeles with the rest of the Brockhampton crew. With laid-back acoustics and cleverly woven stream-of-consciousness lyrics, "Sincerely, Yours" is like listening to a close friend confide in you. Really, the track title couldn't be more perfect.

Vann's verses are profound and reflective, but don't run over your head: "I learned a lot inside a year, that handful of months / Another turn around the sun, I'm still cold and burning up" he opens. More than anything, the track showcases Vann's lyrical talent, not to say it's at all lacking on his previous releases. At times dark, at others triumphant ("for all the times that I didn't want to live, thank God I'm alive," runs the chorus), the track is dynamic and full of heart. If "Sincerely, Yours" was a book, it would be a page-turner. 

Vann's comments on his work sum up the track's quiet greatness: "I'm not anyone special, I could be just another face in any crowd," Vann said over email. "But maybe, just maybe you'll know a little more about me and yourself after this song.”

Keep it up, Ameer—we're listening.