The World Is Ending, But American Horror Story Is Back With A Trailer

‘Coven’ and ‘Murder House’ collide in the terrifying clip

Surprise, bitch. American Horror Story is back and creepier than ever. Today, we get another sneak peek at the upcoming season, Apocalypse, with an all-new trailer. 

Okay, so maybe I scare easy, but the Latex-clad contorting figure is the stuff of nightmares. There's not much in the way of story line teasers in this trailer, but one thing is for sure—the combination of Coven and Murder House will be one hell of a ride. It didn't even take until Emma Roberts uttered, "I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me" for us to be hooked. 

Back in August, creator Ryan Murphy teased the return of queen-of-the-witches Stevie Nicks to the AHS set, as well as all your favorite original cast members. Here's hoping Nicks will soothe our inevitable nightmares with another musical performance sometime this season. 

Watch the trailer, above, and get ready for the AHS: Apocalypse premiere on September 12 on FX.