American Horror Story Hotel Teaser Trailer - Lady Gaga

+ a new featurette

For as hard as the marketing behind the upcoming season of American Horror Story has been promoting Lady Gaga’s starring role, we haven’t seen much of her. Aside from some nice-looking photos and a quick cut to her in the first cast trailer, she’s been a name on the screen. Now, we get a better look.

The latest teaser-trailer shows Gaga and Gaga only. The obvious day versus night, good versus bad binary is toyed with in the form of fashion. She dances, puts kids on blood leashes, and throws that killer glove of hers around like it’s not a weapon at all. The driving, German soundtrack of Rammstein’s “Du Hast” merely adds to the visual’s aggressiveness. If we didn’t know Gaga was starring in the new season, we’d think this was one of her new videos. But alas; it is not.

Below, check out a new featurette with the cast talking about the hotel and what we can expect this season. (Read: Blood…lots of it.) See you at check-in!