The First “American Horror Story: Hotel” Trailer: Gaga, Glam, Gore

applause, applause, applause

Were you expecting this? We weren’t expecting this. When we first heard that our beloved AHS was heading to a hotel, we somehow had the Overlook or the Bates motel on our minds. While there's an element of that, it seems American Horror Story is packing much, much more.

If the just-released trailer for AHS: Hotel is any indication—and we so deeply hope it is—this season will be the most glam, luxe, louche one the series has had to date. Sure, there are shots of the dark, grimy, shadowy stuff Ryan Murphy & co. have turned out in the past. But, wow, look at Angela Basset. Wow, look at Matt Bomer. Wow, look at GAGA! There’s a high-fashion, high-class vibe happening in half of this amazing trailer, and we are so on board. Also, whatever is happening to Sarah Paulson’s hair is just righteous. 

Not only did we get this trailer today, but more confirmed details as well. As thought, this season focuses on a kidnapping to be investigated by Wes Bentley, Kathy Bates is the hotel owner, and Paulson’s character is called “Hypodermic Sally.” Why can’t this be on right now? It seems quite unfair that we’re going to have to wait until October 7 for it to premiere on FX.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)