‘American Horror Story’ Will Get Its Biggest Monster Next Season


Although American Horror Story has been, er, inconsistent over the years, that won't stop us from tuning in next year, when, as originally reported by Entertainment Weekly, the newly-engaged Lady Gaga will be joining the cast as a series regular. Gaga confirmed the news with a very AHS-esque tweet that also revealed next season's title and setting will be Hotel.  

As per usual, there are no specific details about where the show will take us next season, or which cast members will return. Only three things are certain: The incomparable Jessica Lange will not return, Gaga will step in, and it will be one of the highest-watched season premieres of all time. We do, however, have some predictions about the direction Murphy will take in his hotel nightmare: There will be both literal monsters, humans with monster-like qualities, and a mother monster; there will be a lot of sex, possibly some drugs, and maybe some cannibalism. (If it wasn't obvious, we're working off of Gaga's "Monster.") There may be some meat dresses (and, at the very least, a butcher), crazy hairstyles, and ankle-breaking heels. 

There are countless theories online detailing the ways the stand-alone seasons could be connected. With this hotel theme, it feels like the perfect opportunity for the series to unite all its past characters. After all, hotels are places where outcasts and people from all different backgrounds come together. Hmm....

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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