discuss: american hustle trailer

if you didn’t already want to see the movie, this should do the trick.

by rebecca willa davis

We’ve reached what I affectionately call as popcorn season, because from now until January we’ll be getting a steady stream of not just good, but really, really good movies hitting theaters. How many? Well, in the past 24 hours alone the NYLON digital team has gone to three separate movie screenings.

But few have gotten us as excited as American Hustle. The movie from David O. Russell reunites his Silver Linings Playbook team (Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper), brings in Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Christian Bale, adds in some seriously ’70s outfits, and uses a bit of historicism to tie the whole thing together.

The end result? Lots of perms—and we’re not just talking for the ladies—comb-overs, wrap dresses, and Lawrence getting to play perhaps her sassiest character yet. And yes, that’s a very good thing, as the new trailer makes clear. Watch it below to see what I mean, and let us know on Facebook what movie you’re most looking forward to this popcorn season.