Watch Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg in the American Ultra Trailer

gun smoke + weed smoke

Adventureland costars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart reunite in the red band trailer for American Ultra, a movie that seems to have been made just so they can use the tagline "Stoned Cold Killer." Hey, that's good enough for us! In the highly enjoyable clip, we see Eisenberg playing against type as a small-town stoner who is actually engineered to be a Jason Bourne-style superspy, able to kill people with whatever household appliances might be laying around.

Kristen Stewart plays Eisenberg's equally weed-loving girlfriend, who, despite Eisenberg's unfortunate line, "I'm going to save my girlfriend," still looks like she gets to kick some ass as well. Connie Britton shows up as a government agent type who may or may not be on our hero's side, and Topher Grace—who steals the show in the short time we see him—looks like he plays the movie's villain. Topher is such a good villain, right? 

American Ultra hits theaters on August 21. We are so there.