among savages “new york”

Get familiar with this new young savage…

by Josh Madden

When our buddy Daniel Erdman visited NYLON HQ last week to style everyone's hair and share what he's been up to, he not only left us all looking a little sharper, but he also put us on to his favorite new artist. "You gotta check out my mate Among Savages, he's great man, you gotta do it," Erdman proclaimed. So we did...and he was right.

Peter Barbee AKA Among Savages was raised in the foothill's of Tennessee's Smokey Mountains and re-located to Nashville at 17 to immerse himself in its rich and legendary music scene. A year ago Barbee released his Start At The Beginning EP, shortly followed by a full length titled Wanderings Of An Illustrated Mind, and with his newest release in mastering and due out soon you could say he's kept busy. We've been steady listening to "New York City" all afternoon--something about the song's calm intro, which opens into a Magical Mystery-esque chorus with it's full orchestra and random shouts, feels pretty perfect. Barbee has been preparing the release of his newest collection of tunes and if you're in LA you can stop by Hotel Cafe Novemeber 1st and hear some of the new stuff. Check out all the Among Savages jams HERE and follow Barbee on twitter HERE for all the newest news.