Watch Amy Schumer And Seth Rogen Run For President In A Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial

they’ve got our vote

by daniel barna

Shut it down. Pack it in. Game over. With three days left until the world converges on San Francisco for Super Bowl 50, the race for this year's best commercial has already been won. The top prize goes to Bud Light, the blue collar beer purveyor responsible for some of the most memorable ad campaigns ever. This year, they decided to go the bullet proof route of taking three of our favorite celebrities, writing them some snappy dialogue, and just letting the magic happen. 

That magic comes courtesy of Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, who embark on a campaign trail to help unite a nation divided. Schumer begins her speech by saying that Americans "disagree on everything," but then points out that the one thing we can all get behind is Paul Rudd. "Everybody loves Paul Rudd," she proclaims. That's when we cut to Mr. Rudd, and we're reminded just how much we do in fact love the guy.

So to recap, there's Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen, and Paul Rudd campaigning in the name of ice cold beer. Like we said, game over. 

Watch above.