Here’s the First Full Trailer For the Amy Winehouse Documentary

‘amy’ comes out july 10

Last month, we were treated to a brief yet haunting teaser trailer for Amy, a documentary about Amy Winehouse's all-too-brief life. Now, to coincide with the film's rapturous debut at Cannes, a full trailer has been released, and it is every bit as heartbreaking as you'd expect. Director Asif Kapadia uses archival footage of Winehouse pre- and post-fame to paint a portrait of an artist whose talent was too great to go unrecognized by the rest of the world, which is tragically what led to her downfall.

But despite all the praise, the documentary has encountered some controversey. Winehouse's family, including her fiancé at the time of her death, have called the movie "misleading" and have attacked it in the press. Still, that hasn't stopped critics from hailing it as one of the best films at Cannes, with Vanity Fair calling it "remarkable." Amy premieres in the United States on July 10.