photo credit jeff pachoud/afp/getty images

this throwback performance from amy winehouse blew us away

born to be a star

by harry charlesworth

There is a particularly soulful, nostalgic element to the way Amy Winehouse croons which has always sent cool shivers down our spines, and this new clip of the British diva is no exception, even at the young age of just 14.  

In a new, never-before-seen clip from her forthcoming documentary, 


, we witness the tween songstress deliver an unbelievably impactful rendition of "Happy Birthday." In the few seconds, we are gifted of this honest and lovely performance, it is completely apparent that Amy was always meant to be a performer and to share her voice with the world. 

Amy Winehouse came to fame in 2006 with her Grammy-awarded sophomore album, 

Back to Black. 

Winehouse tragically passed away at the young age of 27 due to alcohol poisoning. 

Looking forward to catching the entirety of that clip, along with many more special moments in the soul legend's life, when 


hits theaters July 3.