Photo via @anastasiabeverlyhills / Instagram


Anastasia Beverly Hills Included Men In Their Latest Glow Kit Ads

They’re stunning

by jenny lee

Too often, beauty ads only include male models as devices to highlight the female model's desirability, hovering over the woman, entranced by her beauty. These types of ads perpetuate the idea that makeup is solely for women to wear and for men to appreciate it on the female form. This is why Anastasia Beverly Hills' latest ads for their Glow Kit are so refreshing.

The popular beauty brand has released new images on its Instagram page, featuring several male models absolutely rocking the shades from the brand's beloved highlight palette. The makeup is subtle and serves to accent the male models' natural facial structures, suggesting that men can wear products like the Glow Kit in an everyday setting. Ads that normalize something like men wearing makeup continue to shed light on the fact that certain practices associated with one gender are no longer limited to that one gender.

While we're still at a point where we applaud men modeling a beauty product because it's still a fairly novel idea, hopefully one day, we'll look at ads like these and not blink an eye. In the meantime, check out the below images and head on over to Reddit to see more from the campaign.