forget brenda and brandon - 90210 has some new nylon drama queens in the zip code.

by faran krentcil

It's almost time for the first episode of 90210... well, sort of.

After nearly ten years on hiatus, the show gets revived thanks to a new group of scandalous and seductive teens, and some unlikely help from NYLON.

We camped out on the 90210 set during pilot production, and cheered on our favorite new cast members - Cory Kennedy and Mark Hunter, aka The Cobrasnake, who both appear in the show's first revival episode.

Will Cory teach new starlet AnnaLynne McCord how to pose for internet paparazzi? Will Mark find a new muse in returning diva Shannen Doherty? 

Sorry, we can't reveal everything, at least not all at once.  The first episode airs on September 2 on the CW.  Tune in and see why our whole office is calling it NYL0210...

See you guys at the Peach Pit.