Photo via Tru TV

Anna Kendrick Really Understands Katy Perry’s Cat

she’s kitty purry’s soulmate

by daniel barna

Billy Eichner has perfected the art of the rapid-fire absurdist, makeshift game show, but this recent iteration really takes the cake. In this teaser from this week's episode of Billy on the Street, the host asks human feline Anna Kendrick if she can guess what where Katy Perry's cat's interests may lie. We know what you're thinking. Kitty Purry (yes, that's her name) is into what every cat is into: milk, mice, and windowsills. Wrong. It appears that Perry's pet may also be concerned with issues of global importance, like gay rights, religion, and her pop star owner's love life. 

It's official—we are all Katy Perry's cat. Watch the clip, above.