Anna Kendrick Plays Indiana Jones In New Viral Video

she has our vote

Now that Disney has bought and repurposed half of everything from your childhood (Star Wars, Marvel, The Muppets, etc.) it’s simply a matter of time before they whip up a new movie (and perhaps a new face) for one of their other acquisitions, Indiana Jones. Rumors are already swirling about Chris Pratt jumping into those dirty khakis, but for the moment, we have a somewhat more petite Indy in front of us.

All 5’2” of your cinematic bestie/ideal girlfriend Anna Kendrick donned the fedora and picked up the whip for a fun, little short promoting NBC’s part of the Red Nose Day charity drive. Reenacting the climactic grail scene from 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the Pitch Perfect 2 star and Nylon cover girl not only chooses wisely, but drops some tart feminist bombs on the Grail Knight (played by the naked guy from the Mad Men finale). Swashbuckling archeology has never come with such well-conditioned hair.