editor’s pick: i love new york

    this halloween go as our favorite fictional new yorkers.

    by · October 25, 2013
    It’s October 25, and I still don’t have a Halloween costume. I blame it on the fact that there are just too many things I like! At the present state I have decided that I want to go as a fictional New Yorker, because I love this damn city and the kooks who populate it, even the fictional ones. I might actually like the fictional ones more, now that I think about it.From Annie Hall to Spiderman, New York City has played home to a myriad of cool costume inspirations. I mean, Elaine Benes is from New York! But so is Margot Tenenbaum. And Carrie Bradshaw. And Rachel Green... I could go on for days, but instead I’ve compiled all my options in the gallery below.
    So please Tweet me which fake New Yorker is your favorite to help me decide what my costume should be. Or maybe I can just wear this gold plated New York necklace and go as them all!
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