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8 Anti-Aging Treatments To Try Before Your 30s

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Now that 2017 is in full swing, we’re thinking about becoming another year older and wiser. A number of you are likely nearing the big 3-0, and for those who aren’t so joyous about it, we’ve assembled eight genius ways to care for your skin now that’ll keep you looking like you’re in your 20s even after you hit that major milestone. Society’s love for all things anti-aging isn’t such a bad thing.

Chemical peels

These exfoliant solutions remove a layer of skin and stimulate cell turnover. They brighten your complexion and treat acne, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Intense versions are offered at the dermatologist's office, but many at-home options are available as well.


This one may sound a bit scary, but it can help your skin look younger after one session. Roll the device across your face to create microscopic punctures that enable anti-aging products to penetrate deeper into the skin.


Another practice that makes room for proper product absorption, this is not a new beauty craze, but it's been around so long because it actually works. Dermaplaning is taking a fine razor across the face to remove dead skin and subtle facial hair. By reducing the thickness of the outer layer of skin, your serums, moisturizers, etc. will have a much more powerful effect.

Laser pigmentation removal

Dark spots are one of the more common skin concerns but also one of the toughest to combat. In your 30s, spots become more visible because your skin naturally exfoliates every 35 days versus every 14 days in your 20s. Thankfully, many dermatologists and aestheticians are embracing laser treatments to help lighten and brighten signs of pigmentation. Fraxel laser is a popular option.

Laser skin tightening

Lasers can also work wonders for other parts of the body that fall prey to premature aging. If sagging skin or cellulite are concerns, beams can penetrate the dermis to firm and tighten in ways that creams, serums and even exercise don't.

Hyaluronic fillers

For areas that have lost elasticity or volume, it may be time to try hyaluronic-acid fillers. It's a natural substance already present in our bodies, and when injected into problem areas, it acts as a cushion. It can be used under the eyes to treat puffiness and reduce laugh lines and wrinkles.


A HydraFacial extracts impurities, then fills pores with replenishing nutrients for hydration. A trained expert uses the HydraFacial tool across the face throughout the process. The resurfacing procedure is noninvasive and can be tailored to your skin type and specific skin concerns.

Cosmetic acupuncture

This treatment involves a standard acupuncture session across your face and body, followed by a facial. Yes, there are needles being placed directly into your face, but collagen and elastin production is triggered, as well as increased blood circulation, helping reverse signs of aging.