April Horoscopes - Monthly Zodiac Charts

scorpio, listen up!

by joey frank

To start on a scientific note for April, a deep breath predates everything—it predates movement, it’s the first element of our being before any of our five senses and even before our stomach or heartbeat. Aries represents the beginning of the zodiacal wheel, the rebirth of Spring, festivals like Easter across all cultures. A lot of new things are coming at us, the world around us begins to thaw and we can take our first breath again before taking our next steps.

There’s a temptation to power through this April. It will go by quickly as the eagle. Take time to think and process, listen to the voices in your head. On April 10 take a day for yourself. Towards the end of April when Taurus begins, it will feel like a gear shifting into place and car and driver become one. Until then, make sure a child around you has a great Easter and that you have a great full moon.

Nothing impedes your journey that you can’t climb over, but as Capricorn Mao Zedong famously said, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Remember that not everyone has the capacity to do things as well as you do. Many times things go very smoothly; it’s when things slip that you can fix them. On April 15, sniff out a bouquet of flowers for a loved one. And a piece of fresh fruit.

Many things occur to you this month, and on April 18, when the moon is totally dark, you will have a dream about a strategy for your life that seems almost militaristic. As far as your body, April will be a good time to work out and eat super-grains. Staying flexible is not normally a problem for you, as a fish, but remember there’s a difference between strong flexibility that allows us to see different paths to our goals and being wishy-washy.