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    by · April 01, 2015

    To start on a scientific note for April, a deep breath predates everything—it predates movement, it’s the first element of our being before any of our five senses and even before our stomach or heartbeat. Aries represents the beginning of the zodiacal wheel, the rebirth of Spring, festivals like Easter across all cultures. A lot of new things are coming at us, the world around us begins to thaw and we can take our first breath again before taking our next steps.


    Happy Birthday Ram! Remember, you are not at the beginning of the Zodiac to be any old mountain goat—you are here because you shimmer and catch the sunlight like the Golden Fleece, the catalyst that set all those Argonauts in motion. Of all the colors, I actually associate you with red, and surveys say that irregardless of gender, human beings of all age and stripes are happy to see a woman in bright red lipstick. It’s genetic, it’s animal—Jane Goodall born April 3, one of the foremost Aries primatologists observed that even chimpanzees respond to bright lipstick. Anyway you get the picture, and here’s smiling at you kid.


    Your innate generosity will be at play in April as you are a beautiful beast of burden this month. People around you need to be carried a little bit this time of year. You have plenty of strength for the challenges in front of you, but just expect to be on your feet a lot. Don’t be surprised that in the midst of your activity you find a mental calm—that actually is the nature of the chemical taurine—it calms the Bull to regulate too much adrenaline. On April 18, during the new moon, there will be a real calm in the air, and even in the city you will hear the rustling of tall grasses...and then boom, like a bass drop in a club (or even more so, the thrashing lick from Taurus Iggy Pop’s “Raw Power”), Spring will really start for you. Get out of the city a little for a weekend adventure this month. What I wish for you is to hunt for an Easter egg outside, or consider those press-on patterned nail polish stickers to channel your inner playfulness.


    You have been abuzz lately and the Gemini always feels a little busy, but maybe it’s time to sweeten your spring by saying yes to a couple of dates/ Even if you are in a relationship, you can get into bad habits of all work and no play, so make an effort to inject some fun into the routine of things. On April 11, Venus, the planet of beauty, enters your constellation, and since you are ruled by Mercury, a planet of communication, I recommend remembering all those little handwritten notes you used to make when you were in grade school. It’s time for all those bits of thought that flitter around you like butterflies to go through an open window and into someone else’s apartment. I’m not asking you to watch the film Amélie again, but channeling her whimsy is perfect for April. If you can smile through your tax return, I think you will have some private little pleasures towards the second half of the month.


    I’m praying for you to pet a bunny rabbit the second week of April—did you know that there are coffee shops in Japan where you can also pet cats and bunny rabbits while you enjoy your latte? The picture of these café’s look more like a pet store that serves coffee, but I know if it was up to your design, it would be really cool with a network of troughs that the bunnies can run in and seating built around them. Your animal-loving tendencies are on full display. Rethink your diet this month: Of all signs should know how to combine healthy snacks with good taste.
    Additionally this month, two comedian Cancers, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, are in a much-hyped movie this month called Get Hard. Even though you might not be incarcerated, the coming months have you operating a lot from your home. Work and domesticity are combined, but where you are comfortable you are also prolific.


    You are known for being pragmatic, but this time of the year is when the light of Mars catches in your fur and you start turning heads. To confuse Disney movies for a moment, you are still Simba, but in addition to not being able to wait to be king, this month you are also capable of showing any partner “a whole new world”. It’s a good time to lean-in this month and put lots of energy towards your new project, since you are glowing with a more quiet magnetism than usual. But that’s the type of energy that actually translates into romance. I’m thinking of you out to dinner with a paramour and the crawfish jumping out of the stew and singing “kiss the girl” to somebody. (So much Disney!) Like the big, fluffy cat that you are, you should proceed with enthusiasm into your summer cut. (Do the chop!)


    Most love Easter, but for you Virgo, Arbor Day on April 24 might be the best holiday to observe this April. It has been a lot of slash and burn for you these past months, a farming practice still used in countries like Finland who traditionally use early April to clear fields for a better harvest—an apt metaphor. Virgos are goddesses of the harvest, so burn some sage, say some prayers and wishes, and celebrate the tree. If you plan a hike, gather some flowers for pressing and some pine needles for making into a hairbrush. If you are stuck indoors, spend a moment looking into history—either worldwide or your own personal past. I have so much respect for your mind Virgo: your trains of thought and also your bicycles. (You know what I mean.)


    If you are in a relationship, Libra, now is a time to stay open and strengthen your bond—the word April even comes from a Latin word aperire, which means “to open”. As a partner, it might be time to lose yourself a little in other’s needs on the April 4 when the full moon is in Libra. Afterwards, it will be a celebratory time. As the moon wanes you should be gathering yourself up to a very profound moonless night on the new moon on April 18—mark it in your calendar—and you might find the sensuous smoke that rises from that extinguished wick to be even more pleasurable than the full moon. Stay companionate this month, you are good at choosing the path with heart and you understand the often-misunderstood Aries beginner energy that is all around us at this moment. Treat your self to a read or rereading of Libra poet e.e. cummings’ classic poem “in Just—”.


    There’s a temptation to power through this April. It will go by quickly as the eagle. Take time to think and process, listen to the voices in your head. On April 10 take a day for yourself. Towards the end of April when Taurus begins, it will feel like a gear shifting into place and car and driver become one. Until then, make sure a child around you has a great Easter and that you have a great full moon.


    April 12 and April 25 are two great days and nights for you. The two half moons are always special times for you, since you are half beast, half human. Make sure to go out for a jog or run, and don’t forget to go out dancing. It’s also a great time of year to cook a roasted thing for a friend, meat or fowl, or even a lot of roasted vegetables. And while you’re eating, talk some philosophy with someone.


    Nothing impedes your journey that you can’t climb over, but as Capricorn Mao Zedong famously said, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Remember that not everyone has the capacity to do things as well as you do. Many times things go very smoothly; it’s when things slip that you can fix them. On April 15, sniff out a bouquet of flowers for a loved one. And a piece of fresh fruit.


    You have a reputation for logic, but you should know that from the outside, what seems logical to you seems mystifying to everyone else. When we don’t know how something works, it either appears magical to us or humorous. In April, when the world is in Aries, you have power to conduct both. When you meet at a coffee shop with a partner and a project idea, you can use your logic to assemble what you need from what you have, and deliver magic to each other and the outside world.


    Many things occur to you this month, and on April 18, when the moon is totally dark, you will have a dream about a strategy for your life that seems almost militaristic. As far as your body, April will be a good time to work out and eat super-grains. Staying flexible is not normally a problem for you, as a fish, but remember there’s a difference between strong flexibility that allows us to see different paths to our goals and being wishy-washy.

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