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    by · April 01, 2017

    Welcome to the month of April, a time that always makes me think of “Spring,” a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay. It begins with an indictment, a subtle rage: “To what purpose, April, do you return again?” This is followed with a line that gives me pause: “Beauty is not enough.” I’m always struck by the largeness of such a statement, and wonder every time I read it: Can beauty ever be enough? Whether in the form of justice, romance, or simple daffodils, beauty is, after all, what we often hope will make our suffering worth it.

    Well, have you suffered, reader, or has suffering evaded you? Have the stars and planetary movements of March offered you sweetness or have they plagued you with difficult emotions like bitter rain? Whatever your circumstance, I’m here to remind you that although beauty is not always enough, it is something to live for. Hope springs from beauty and wisdom too, that’s why we love poems, paintings, and the constellations.

    With Venus in retrograde in Aries and then Pisces, with the moon moving from Aries, to Libra, to Taurus, the planets call each of you forward and ask you to have faith in your power to change the world around you. So, make something beautiful, something brave, and something new.

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