arena by huf

The best of both worlds…

by Josh Madden

Arena by HUF

Growing up I played a little indoor soccer, I wasn't a star but I scored my fair share. I also spent a good four or five years skating a pair of mini ramps at my best friend Paul's house, again, I never went pro but I still push around when I get the chance. I guess I'd say skating and soccer have been in my life as far back as I can remember and so have the kicks that coincide with the sports which is why my favorite shoe in


's new collection, the Arena, is sortof a marriage of the two.

These kicks look a little like a Samba but in all honesty with the gel heel insert they are way more comfortable. The double stitched toe cap coupled with a breathable mesh interior make for a more protected ride when it comes to skating or riding bikes, which is a huge plus. It's a pretty minimal looking pair of kicks but for me the beauty is in all the details and in the cozy wear. I've been a big fan of HUF for a while but these puppies made me a customer.

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. This brand is doing some really rad stuff, I'm more stoked on them season by season.