Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

ariana grande removed her pony

and became british in the process

Recently, Ariana Grande told a crowded cavern the following prophecy: "My father told me that behind here, there's a rock, that if you touch it, it'll open up the world." Well, if by "rock" her father meant her hair, and by "touch," he meant remove, then yes! Yes, indeed the world will be opened if Grande removes her hair. 

It is no secret that Ariana Grande’s mane is full of secrets. Some have argued it holds the keys to the universe. Some might even say she’d have one less problem without it. But she cannot break free from it as it is her lifeblood—the oxygen to her brand. During a recent trip to a dimly lit cave, however, she took it down. In the process, a British spirit seemed to possess her, giving her a British accent. Is Ariana Grande Ariana Grande without her mane? Perhaps. Now she has the chance to become she she really are. Break free, Ariana. Break free.