artifox desk 01

Keep it clutter-free…

by Christian Lavery


Before you glance at this desk and pass it off as just another four-legged workstation…look closer.

Reinventing the way we use everyday items,


—a free-formed creative design team—added features to this modern day tabletop that make organization easy. Built into the desk, you’ll find things like integrated grooves that let you view tablets and phones in an upright position, a hidden compartment to keep cords concealed, and as for all those ideas that pop into your head? A writeable and erasable surface is included. In addition, the desk comes with two hooks to hang your backpack, headphones, or any other accessory that would normally take up valued space.

Available for purchase in two different types of wood, buy Artifox’s desk


, and if you can, let us know how it feels to have a clean, clutter-free desk—because we have no idea.