wear her pretty watercolors on your sleeve.

by liza darwin

San Francisco artist Serena Mitnik-Miller has already captured those gorgeous West Coast seascapes in watercolor paintings, wood stamp prints, and photographs. Given this beachy vibe, it's only natural that Mitnik-Miller (who grew up surfing on Kauai) has teamed up with the quintessential surf brand Quiksilver on a capsule collection for Fall. We've already spotted her pretty patterned pieces in the label's fashion movie, but get the scoop on the collection and see the clothes up close below.

How did the collaboration with Quiksilver come about?

My friend John Moore approached me and said that the brand was inspired by my work, and what I was doing, so we just kind of went from there.

How exactly are you involved?

I designed the windows at shops in NYC (at Tia's Place in Grand Central Station) and L.A. (at American Rag) and some pieces in the new collection. There's a bunch of different prints and patterns that were influenced by my watercolors. These are my own designs.

Do you have a favorite piece?

It might be simple, but I really like the striped tank top because I feel like it's a nice take on the basic pattern. It's kind of hard to stand out in a room when everyone is wearing stripes.

What would you say is the biggest difference between East and West Coast styles?

I love here because people actually dress for the summer! In San Francisco, it's not usually that hot, so it's a refreshing change to see everyone in shorts and tank tops.

See more of Serena Mitnik-Miller's work here.