asia dog

Because a hot dog by any other name is just a dog…

by Josh Madden

Asia Dog

Today's chow is dedicated to an American staple: the hotdog. Our search of something greater than your average dirty water NYC dog, we were stoked to find 

Asia Dog

in the neighborhood.This quaint spot in Soho brings a new approach to the game by mixing classic hot dog standards with Asian-inspired toppings.

In our experience, when it comes to these homegrown spots it's best to get a staff recommendation, because they know the menu better than anyone. So after a brief discussion, we landed on house standard, the "Vinh." It's a chicken dog loaded with spicy aioli, cucumber, pickled carrot, daikon, jalapeno and cilantro--We weren't aware so much flavor could be packed into a single hot dog bun!Let's just say 

Asia Dog

is breaking down all the walls when it comes to hotdog standards and completely raising the bar for everyone else. While you're chowing your dog, make sure to grab some fries with their Kimchi aioli, and wash it down with their freshly, made ginger lemonade.

With beef, chicken, veggie, and vegan options, there is no reason why you and your whole crew can't find something to eat in the clutch! Don't forget--baseball season is right around the corner, so make sure you got your new favorite hot dog spot on speed dial, or stop in and see them yourself at 66 Kenmare St, New York City. Tell 'em we said hey!

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-words & photos by Yung Will( for Chow reviews)