lookbook: asos black

the new dress line that will get you through the holiday party season.

by rebecca willa davis

What's the hardest part about the holidays?

It's definitely not picking gifts for friends (or yourself), because--hello!--we've got our It Girl gift guides to help you out. We'd also rule out the whole food thing, because in our book having an excuse to feast on cookies and pies for a month is just like any other time of the year--and also really, really awesome.

So really, it's figuring out and finding party dresses that look festive without feeling inauthentic. You know what I mean: that outfit you bought because you thought you'd be able to wear it to all of our holiday parties, only to realize that it's not quite you (and has since been left hanging forlornly in your closet).

Which explains why I always eagerly await the Asos Black collection. Every year--for the past seven years--the British e-tailer puts together a range of party dresses. Rather than stick with one theme, Asos Black usually has something for everyone. This year is no different; the new collection, which launched this week, features 12 awesome cocktail dresses. Long or short, beaded or floral, tough or girly, vintage or futuristic--you name it, the capsule collection's got it.

Check out the full range in the gallery--then get your shopping on.