attitude adjustment

can a lipgloss match your mood?

by liza darwin

In middle school, mood rings were It. You not only had to sport one in order to be cool, but you also to know the meaning behind each of the colors (we still remember how blue means calm and pink means passionate!). We may have grown out of that phase by now, but beauty companies haven't.

Smashbox and Too Faced both have their own versions of "mood" lipgloss, but the one we're currently obsessed with is courtesy of NYX. It goes on clear, but then morphs into a perfectly pretty shade a pink. And while it may not tell you if you're feeling nervous or relaxed, the makeup's "moodiness" refers to the fact that the hue shifts according to the wearer's skin tone (mine had bluish undertones, while Faran's was a bright fuchsia).

It's not a groundbreaking concept or even a brand-new product, but it only costs $4.50- and that's pretty exciting to us.

Buy it here.