we test givenchy’s magic eraser pen.

by mickie meinhardt

We love playing around with make-up, but it doesn't always want to cooperate with us. (You know how it goes - there are times when liquid liner is a little too shaky, or the mascara wand slips and leaves a big glob on our eyebrow.) Make-up remover can be similarly difficult. Some formulas clear your entire face instantly, but if you just want to fine-tune drooping liner, struggling with Q-tips or cleansing wipes can be a hassle. Concealer, liner, and lipstick all come in pen form... Now remover does, too. Givenchy's Mister Perfect Instant Makeup Eraser is kind of like a "delete" button for your face, removing any type of make-up, even waterproof formulas. It's formulated to work well with eye makeup and it comes with three extra tips, so when one get saturated by your blackest mascara, you can swap it out and start fresh. At $30 per pen, it's a little pricey for a remover. But considering the convenience (and the chance to finally perfect your cat-eye) it may be worth it for die-hard cosmetics junkies, or girls who are always running late to a party...