11 Photos That Prove That Celebs Are Just As Awkward Around Their Families

    celebrities: they’re just like us!

    by · November 24, 2015

    Photo by David Klein/Getty Images

    Let’s be real: Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that everyone approaches with a plastered—figuratively and literally—smile on their face. Sure, there is great food, but with great food comes a whole lot of emotional baggage, mostly in the form of pretending that you and your family don’t have years and years of pent-up resentment bubbling to the surface like the top of potatoes au gratin. But this kind of, “Yay! Family!” experience isn’t just for us plebes. Nope, even celebrities have families that drive them totally batty.

    We dug through the archives and found a couple of painful, but also slightly delightful, photos of celebrities being slightly embarrassed, irritated, or just plain exasperated by their family members. Because no matter how much poise you have, nothing can quite get to you like the particular way your mom nags. (Where does that voice of hers come from? Where?!)

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