if our lip gloss were a president, it would be babe-raham lincoln.

    by faran krentcil · October 03, 2011
    During New York Fashion Week, we were treated to a new obsession backstage.  It was a Maybelline lip balm called Baby Lips and it promised softer lips that could stand on their own or under a layer of lipstick.

    Not only did the new makeup deliver on its promise, but it came in the cutest tube we'd ever seen - a candy-colored graffiti riff on the cult magazine Baby Baby Baby, created by NYLON Mexico's Napoleon Habeica.

    Although we snagged our samples backstage at various Maybelline-sponsored fashion shows, you can now get yours - for $3.50 - at Target.  Some come tinted, some come plan; all are gorgeous. 

    (And feel free to share with your friends - just make sure they know your lip balm isn't named after a Bieber song...)

    Maybelline New York Baby Lips, $3.50 each at Target
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