backpack by c6

Designed for your digital life…

by Christian Lavery


A busy schedule means two things: short nights with no sleep and longs days with a lot to carry. For the first, you might want to get a bed built under your desk a la George Constanza. For the second? No need to call in a carpenter, a suitable bag will do.


, a UK-based brand that makes an assortment of products “designed for your digital life,” has a backpack we can’t (and don’t want to) stop carrying around. Equal parts functional, durable, and stylish, the bag has a large main compartment with mesh pockets that will fit all your everyday essentials (plus a little more). A separate padded portion specially-designed to house your laptop is located in the back, and is even equipped with an extra useful organizer section for items such as pens and folders.

Additional features include microfiber protective tabs to secure zippers in place, shoulder straps that unclip and can be stored behind the back mesh panel, and a covering push-clip fastened flap for a bit of extra security.

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, and don’t look past the brand’s

entire selection

of laptop, tablet, and Iphone covers and sleeves as well. Now you just have to figure out to get a few more minutes of shuteye.