All Of The Costumes You Should Definitely Not Wear This Halloween

Don’t be that person

Halloween is a little more than a week away, which means everyone who didn’t plan in advance is now scrounging up ideas for costumes. Same! While in this frantic state, let us remember that we shouldn’t get lazy. We don’t mean you can’t reach for those cat ears or Rosie the Riveter bandana; whatever, do it (although we have better ideas here, here, and here). What we mean is, don’t latch onto an idea without thinking about how offensive it might be to someone else.

Assholes are rampant during this time of year. We’ve outlined how to not be one already, but 2017 has brought with it a whole host of new annoyances—including potential problematic costume ideas. The usual suspects are still relevant: wearing blackface, appropriating a culture other than your own, dressing up as a homeless person, etc. But, ahead, we list out the people, things, happenings you should also definitely avoid this holiday. The world is shit enough as is, let’s try not to add to it. Don't be the person who wears:

This costume that sexualizes Stranger Things’ Eleven

This costume that sexualizes—and makes fun of—fake news

This “model wife” costume that’s pretty much just Melania Trump’s inauguration outfit

A pregnant Kylie Jenner

Basically, 93 percent of the costumes found on Yandy

Any and every iteration of Harvey Weinstein (in a robe, completely nude, etc.)

Anne Frank

This “getting deported by Trump” costume

This despicable border patrol outfit

Ditto “The Wall”

A victim of a terrorist attack

These surprise period pants (unless your name is Ilana Glazer and you, too, are trying to smuggle weed onto a plane)

Anything that makes light of social justice

Anything that makes light of feminism

Colin Kaepernick if you are not black                                             

A hurricane

A white supremacist wielding a tiki torch

Sean Spicer behind a podium (he already ruined that for all of us)

Anything that you, even for one moment, think might possibly be mildly offensive. Spoiler alert: It is. Don't wear it.