13 Terrible, Awful Shows To Binge On Right Now

    When only the worst will do

    by · April 25, 2016

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    You want some bad, bad TV shows? We’ve got your bad, bad TV shows right here.

    Look, it’s often said we’re in a golden age of television. It’s certainly the golden age of bingeing. With Hulu, Amazon Instant, HBO, and dear, dear Netflix offering near endless hours of shows including Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Outlander, Girls, Game of Thrones, Making A Murderer, and, yes, even The People Vs. O.J. Simpson, you’re almost never at a loss for fine, critically acclaimed, high-quality content.

    And, yet, you don’t always want fine, critically acclaimed, high-quality content, do you? Sometimes all you want to do is dive into the worst of what’s out there, to chow down on the guiltiest of guilty streaming pleasures.

    Now, to be clear, we aren’t just talking about reality shows, poorly executed dramas, or deliberately campy series such as Scream Queens. No, today it’s all about the ambitious, bold programs that attempted to be good, that strived to be the new Mad Men or even True Blood and wound up being, well, Pan Am and Hemlock Grove.

    That, however, doesn’t they don’t deserve to be celebrated and binged on. Like an endless bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, we present to you a collection of bad, delicious television series available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, and elsewhere for your guilty enjoyment. Gobble ’em down.

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