5 Incredible Bagel Stacks That Will Get You Through The Rest Of The Week


    by · May 04, 2016

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    Let’s start with congratulations. You’ve made it through half a week of desk lunches and conference calls. A bagel break mid-week is akin to a trophy. So when it comes to lunch today, don’t just go for a regular old sandwich. And while you’re at it, keep your cash stashed for that summer vacation margarita fund and skip the brunch wait by getting imaginative with a bagel order of your own creation.

    The following recipes have something for everyone. If you’re an egg person, go for the double-decker bacon, egg, and cheese. If you want to get your daily vegetable intake before noon, try the “rainbow” bagel. Or you can always concoct your own stack. The important thing here is that bagels are in the house.

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