Photo via Will B. Bell/Vimeo.

This Ballet Dance Set To Adele Will Break Your Heart

such a good cry

You got to kind of love the fact that balletic interpretations of teary, pop music ballads have become a straight-up viral phenomenon. Remember this? How about this? They’re like beautiful potato chips—one is never enough!

Today, yet another pas de duex set to a tear-jerking song is surfacing around the web and, friends, it is the tear jerkiest. Dancers Zola Williams and DJ Smart collaborated with choreographer Will B. Bell to create a piece wrapped around Adele’s heartbreaker, “All I Ask” off of 25.

Slow and spare, “All I Ask” winds up being just about the perfect tune for a kinetic, loving routine. The result is something ideal for a midday break from your usual tumult—a piece for reflection or maybe crying into your lunchtime salad. Click play above and don’t say we didn’t warn you.