easy listening in the coolest way possible.

by liza darwin

Acrylics might be from Brooklyn, but don't assume that they're another one of those fuzzy-sounding garage bands that the borough has been churning out recently. Instead, the duo's lush melodies are more like a silky fusion of '70s pop and the steady harmonies of another local band, Grizzly Bear (which makes sense, considering Chris Taylor produced their debut EP). We talked with lead singer Molly Shea about the group's beginnings, their new album, and why their songs are good make-out music.

How did Acrylics come about?

Jason [Klauber] and I went to Oberlin College together- we were both playing music and I wanted to start a band, so I gave a friend of his a tape of my demo. The friend played the tape for Jason, and Jason thought it was Liz Phair! He was like, "Let's start a band with her"- and we haven't stopped since.

Where do you imagine your music being played?

We love people to make out to our music. Really.

Who is on your iPod right now?

We've been listening to the Crazy Horse records a lot, Neil Young's backing band.

How did your sound come about?

I don't even think we knew what we were getting into when we started making the record, we didn't set out to do something that would be really different than what was going on around us. It just came from playing with sounds and we took it very slowly and experimented a lot.

What's your favorite song on Lives and Treasure?

One of my favorites is definitely Molly's Vertigo-we recorded it on my birthday, so that's kind of special.

Acrylics' debut album, Lives and Treasure, drops in January.