download the single from pop’s newest darling.

by liza darwin

With her deep eyes and gap-toothed grin, it's easy to mistake Amanda Mair for Anna Paquin. Despite the uncanny resemblance, this Swedish songbird is determined to prove she's more than just another pretty face...this girl is also blessed with some serious singing chops.

At just 16, Mair is the latest signing to Labrador Records, the Stockholm label also responsible for icy cool acts like The Radio Dept and Pallers. Even without a Myspace or Bandcamp page, Mair managed to win over industry bigwigs last year with her clear, captivating voice that's currently winning comparisons to everyone from Ellie Goulding to Kate Bush.

Now the teenager is heading into the studio to record her debut album and subsequently conquer our radios and iTunes playlists alike. Her first single, "House," a sweetly spun piano ballad, first leaked online this summer, and now she's back with another track perfectly poised for online buzz.

With a dance-y intro and Mair's breathy, chirpy vocals, we haven't been able to shake "Doubt" from our heads ever since we first heard the tune last week. Not that we're complaining. Download the track yourself here and get hooked on Amanda Mair before everyone else.