ASTR Band Crush

get ready to dance, dance, dance!

by liza darwin

The beginnings of ASTR sound a little bit like something out of a movie. Guy meets girl at a yoga class. They become friends, then form a band. Band makes it big. The end, right?

But according to the New York duo, it wasn't quite that simple. "We didn't intend to play professionally when we first met," explains frontwoman Zoe, who met Adam at the yoga center where she was an instructor. "He told me he was a singer, and it's like, 'OK, but everyone else in the world is a singer--in the shower,'" she laughs.

After a couple of recording sessions, the pair's side gig quickly morphed into the real thing and a polished, shimmery electro-pop sound emerged. Thanks to buoyant, high-flying tracks like 'We Fall Down" and "Operate," their debut Varsity EP is basically a dance party wrapped up neatly into a shiny, six-song package. Clearly we're not the only ones who think so, either, since the band's shows also double as sweaty ragers. 

"We just played Brooklyn Bowl and it was so amazing," Adam recalls. "There was a giant roaring crowd--and everyone knew the whole set! It was 1 AM and people were going crazy." One of the many reasons why everyone's so obsessed? Drake, whose single "Hold On We're Going Home" pretty much planted them headfirst onto every music blog and soon after, into thousands of headphones.

"That was such a last-minute thing, because we needed one more song in order to go on tour," Zoe said. "We sang it like because we thought it was dope, but it had such a good response we decided to record it." With over 600,000 plays, we'd say they made the right choice. Just don't expect them to turn into a full-on cover band.

"I'm always on Twitter, just checking in and seeing what people say, and someone was like, 'I love ASTR, they're a great cover band!'" Adam laughs. Somehow, with a killer EP on loop, a new tour, and a full-length in the works, we don't think there will be any confusion. Listen to ASTR below and see tour dates here.