put a kick in your monday with some indie electro-pop.

by liza darwin

Despite their name, Canadian electro-pop outfit Junior Boys is anything but amateur. Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus have instead spent almost a decade perfecting their sound, a synth-inflected package complete with piano-driven melodies, bubbly beats, and lullaby vocals. "We kind of had this idea of doing R&B garage kind of music paired with synth-pop sounds," Greenspan explained of the band's early days. "That's how it all started."

The longtime friends have just released their fourth album, It's All True, and it's already won MVP status on our office playlist. The record is a departure from the others, but as Greenspan notes, it's hard to pinpoint exactly how. "It's like someone is saying, how are you different than you were two years ago? In my mind, the album had to do with aging and making a record in your 30's as opposed to in your 20's."

But trust us when we say mature doesn't have to equal boring. Jumping off with the futuristic, fast-paced "Itchy Fingers" and then subsequently slowing things down with the hazy "Playtime," It's All True is a criss-crossing musical journey with something for practically everyone.

Listen to "Itchy Fingers" below and see how the Junior Boys are all grown up.