float away on a lullaby of folk rock.

by liza darwin

In the past couple of years, Robin Bacior has been a little bit rootless, restless, and uneasy. The 25-year-old California-bred singer recently traded her hometown of Chico for Brooklyn, and it's these tides of change that take center stage in her debut full-length album.

Rest Our Wings, out tomorrow, is filled with a carefully woven folk sound and tender vocals, showing that sometimes a quiet power is all you really need. Case in point: her first single, "Ohio." The nostalgic track starts slowly with a cello solo but quickly transforms into a fluttery, beautifully drawn-out chaos with sweeping melodies and lyrics like "There are times I get uneasy in the lamplight."

And now there's more where that came from with Bacior's latest song, "I Hate The States." Written last year when she first relocated to New York, it's a tribute to that constant state of transition that's impossible to avoid. "I didn't know anyone here, and one of my best friends told me that he was moving back to California," she remembers. "It's about the idea of having so many good friends and watching them scatter everywhere, so close and so far."

Download the song here.