ghost story lullabies from this london lo-fi foursome.

by liza darwin

Their debut single may have been the gloomy doomsday track "Found Love in a Graveyard," but the members of Veronica Falls actually lead pretty charmed lives. After all, this is a band who managed to snag a record deal a mere 10 minutes (yes, really) after posting this song on MySpace. And now, 3 years and 2 EPs later, the London four-piece is finally gearing up to release their debut album.

Even with an ever-growing cult following (mostly overseas, but that's about to change), we love how the group hasn't altered its sweetly haunting sound one bit. With rumbling guitars, chanting choruses, and a jangly '80s Brit-rock sound that conjures up comparisons to everyone from Joy Division to Vivian Girls, they've clearly got a good thing going.

If you're in the U.K., look out for them out tour with the Dum Dum Girls this fall. But everyone else: download their new single "Come on Over" for free here and watch for their self-titled debut this October...just in time for Halloween.