Band Crush: White Mystery

the coolest brother-sister duo

by jenny lee

Brother and sister duo, White Mystery, plays the kind of punky, garage rock and roll that we don't see much these days. Unlike most of the synth-heavy, electronically inspired songs that flood the music scene today, White Mystery is defined by the gritty electric-guitar riffs, wildly thrashed drums, and high-energy vocals reminiscent of older decades. Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key White are the siblings behind the stage name, and both Whites have long, gloriously curly, red Afros that perfectly match their musical aesthetic.

Most recently, the two produced a first feature-length film and accompanying soundtrack titled, White Mystery "THAT WAS AWESOME." We caught up with the wild-haired, punky duo to ask some questions about the music and their inspirations.

How would you describe your band's aesthetic?

"American Warrior"

How did you guys get started?

Back in the '80s, when we were born. White Mystery, the band, was founded on April 20, 2008!

What is/are your biggest influences(s)? Can be musical or non-musical.

Musical influences 

1. The MC5 

2. Marc Bolan/T.Rex 

3. Tina Turner 

4. The Cramps 

5. Iron Maiden

Visual Artists

1. Andy Warhol

2. Jasper Johns

3. Shepard Fairey/OBEY

4. Ben Venom

5. Frank Frazetta 


1. Our mom, photographer Diane Alexander White 

2. Captain Falcon

3. Conan the Barbarian

4. Patton

5. James Brown

What would you be doing if not making music?

Francis: Actor/Director

Alex: Furniture Designer, Efficiency Consultant, Cartoonist

What is the proudest moment in your musical career thus far?

Jamming on a parade float with Sir Richard Branson this summer. Check it out!

Whose musical career are you most inspired by? Whose would you want to emulate?

John Dwyer from Thee Ohsees.

What is a phrase that best describes your approach to life?

"Respect yourself, love your family, question authority."

How do you hope to grow your creative career?

To go where no band has gone before.

What's next for the band?

Outerspace, hair-product line, 24-hour streaming reality TV show, and an upcoming White Mystery Tour.

Tour dates:

9/24/2015          Northeastern Illinois University                 Chicago, IL

10/3/2015          Moonlight Fest at Ace of Cups                  Columbus, OH

10/19/2015         High Noon Saloon                                   Madison, WI

10/21/2015         Hideout*                                                   Chicago

10/22/2015         Cattivo*                                                     Pittsburgh, PA

10/23/2015         House Party*                                            Allentown, PA

10/24/2015         TUFF WEEKEND! The Acheron*             Brooklyn, NY

10/25/2015         Brighton Bar*                                          Long Branch, NJ

10/26/2015         Strange Matter*                                      Richmond, VA

10/27/2015         Tiger Mountain*                                       Asheville

10/28/2015         Drunken Unicorn*                                   Atlanta, GA

10/29/2015         Queen Ave. Art Collective*                      Nashville, TN

10/30/2015         116 E. Mobile                                         Florence, AL

10/31/2015         One Eyed Jack’s^                                   New Orleans, LA