Photos via Troye Sivan, Taylor Swift, Hayley Kiyoko, and Lady Gaga


12 Pieces Of Band Merch That You’ll Actually Want To Wear

So you won’t feel like you just stepped out of Hot Topic

Every time I walk into a concert I'm super-tempted to drop the last bit of my paycheck on a T-shirt or hoodie to commemorate the occasion. I'm sure I'm not the only one. But once I get home and the concert high has worn off, I'm left thinking, When will I ever wear this? A girl can only use so many lounging-around-the-house shirts. Plus, my Hot Topic days are long gone (save for the occasional choker). I need something that I can throw on and head to work, and still be taken seriously.

Luckily, plenty of artists have started to solve this dilemma with merchandise that isn't your run-of-the-mill T-shirt with a massive logo emblazoned across the chest. Click through the gallery below to see what I mean, and get some serious inspiration for the next time you feel like repping your favorite artist without sacrificing style. 

Photo via Troye Sivan

In honor of Troye Sivan's latest release Bloom, can we talk about how cute this denim jacket in his merch store is? There is an enamel pin featuring his name on the front, but it's totally removable.

Troye Sivan, Keep On Kissing Denim Jacket, $150, available at Troye Sivan.

Photo via Harry Styles

A graphic tee never hurt anyone's wardrobe. Harry Styles hit the nail on the head with this one (special shout-out to his "Treat People With Kindness" tee as well).

Harry Styles, Flower Tee, $34.95, Available at Harry Styles

Photo via Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's Reputation-era merch just begs to be put into regular rotation in your wardrobe.

Taylor Swift, Green Snake Ring, $60, Available at Taylor Swift

Photo via Fanfire

RiRi really outdid all the other merch lines when she dropped this camouflage sports bra. Sure, it has words, but it's definitely not going to turn you into a walking billboard.

Rihanna, All Ages Sports Bra, $39.95, Available at Fanfire

Photo via Fanfire

You don't have to be in the South to throw on a bolo tie, especially one as cute as this. It's like something from The X-Files, like some unreleased pride episode that we all desperately wish actually existed. 

Kesha, Spaceship Bolo Tie, $14.95, Available at Fanfire

Photo via Hayley Kiyoko

A great nameplate necklace can make any outfit, and this one let's you remind everyone that we're living in 20Gayteen and Hayley Kiyoko is queen.

Hayley Kiyoko, GLG Gold Bar Necklace, $15, Available at Hayley Kiyoko

Photo via Paramore

Okay, so this one is a text-based tee, I know. But it's giving super vintage vibes, and would look adorable tucked into some high-waisted jeans. If you don't understand why Paramore is selling a shirt without their name on it, watch this. Paramore is no stranger to great merch; TBH, I spent a good few weeks following their recent tour scouring the internet for some sick windbreakers I spotted behind the merch table, but alas, they're nowhere to be found. Hayley Williams, if you're out there, please help. It's an emergency. 

Paramore, Wake Up T-shirt, $25, Available at Paramore

Photo via Lady Gaga

The perfect accessory to go with your glass of pinot grigio as you savor the Joanne-era in all it's campy, country glory.

Lady Gaga, Joanne Cover Wide Brim Hat, $45, Available at Lady Gaga

Photo via Twitter

Forever sad that these are sold out (John O, are you listening? We need more). I'm no fan of buying from people who rip off indie designers, so I'll be waiting 'til The Maine decides to bring these back.

Photo via Beyoncé

Embroidered dad hats are always a cute look, but one that also doubles as a way to show your adoration of Queen Bey? Yes, please.

Beyoncé, Lemonade Hat, $15, Available at Beyoncé

Photo via HelloMerch

Still crying over Mitski's latest release, Be the Cowboy? Externalize those #feels we're all most certainly feeling with these Puberty 2-era "Your Best American Girl" socks. Cuff your jeans and throw on some Vans to complete the look.

Mitski, Your Best American Girl Socks, $16, Available at HelloMerch

Photo via HelloMerch

Okay, so I'm a patterned sock person. Big deal. These ones from Japanese Breakfast are just too cute, and the rainbow stripes will look totally adorable poking out from under your jeans.

Japanese Breakfast, Rainbow Socks, $15, Available at HelloMerch