Warning: Banks’ New Video Will Give You Major Creeps

“Fuck With Myself”

Ever since she emerged on the scene two years ago with "Before I Ever Met You," Banks has acted as a dark magic sorceress, bewitching us through music. Stormy pop beats and surreal, eerie visuals have become her signature. For Banks' latest track and accompanying video, "Fuck With Myself," she goes full-on Jennifer's Body

While she may not be possessed, Banks does demonically attack a mannequin bust of herself, writhe in front of cracked mirrors, and light her tongue on fire à la Jennifer Check in the music video released this morning. The nightmarish visual resembles more of a horror flick than a music video, in the best way possible.

Banks' signature feathery vocals and morphed sound power through on the single, her voice shifting from a creepy drawl to a raspy whisper at the song's hook: "I fuck with myself more than anybody else."

To make things even sweeter, the track is a self-love anthem. In Banks' own words, "this song is about being your own best friend, your own mother, and your own lover."

"Fuck With Myself" follows "Better," and will be featured on Banks' sophomore album, which drops September 30. For now, fall under her spell in the visual above.