Revolve Barbara Palvin

on wednesdays, we wear pink fuzzy sweaters.

by liza darwin

The Curator: Liza Darwin, Digital Editorial Director 

The News: Rita Ora Shows Off Her New Adidas Collab

The singer gave a sneak peek of her Adidas Originals Rita Ora Black Pack collection on Instagram today, and the result? Make room in your closet for head-to-toe black leather...because you're going to want it all.

The Look: Revolve Clothing Fall Campaign

In my opinion, wearing certain colors on certain days of the week is seriously lame (sorry, Regina George!). However, you better bet that I'll be wearing these pale pink sweaters everyday this fall, thanks to Revolve's new campaign. Starring supermodel friends Barbara Palvin and Chanel Iman, it will give you warm and fuzzies all over--literally.

The Face: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

If Sofia Coppola is your spirit animal, a spritz of this fruity-floral fragrance is the first step to channeling her on a day-to-day basis. Just look at the fashion film and try to tell us otherwise.

The Inspiration: The Travellers Collection

I'm beyond obsessed with this new line from Spain. Mostly because it features clothes ingrained with some seriously rebellious attitude and sayings like "Everyone's too stupid" or "F**** everything."

The Song: "Glorious" by Foxes 

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than Foxes' soulful single "Glorious," the UK songbird goes and releases an acoustic version! Get ready to feel some feels below.