Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

“daisy” gets even dreamier, thanks to marc jacobs and sofia coppola.

by liza darwin

Just when you thought the whole Marc Jacobs and Sofia Coppola partnership couldn't get any more magical, the power duo takes it to the next (very ethereal) level. Enter "Daisy Dream," the newest fragrance from the MJ beauty empire.

A name as whimsical as this one calls for an equally angelic campaign video, and obviously Coppola delivered. The director shot model Antonia Wesseloh lounging in a field of-- what else?-- daisies. 

Sound familiar? This version might have hints of the original Daisy video (starring Ondria Hardin), but with the flower motif and Virgin Suicides aesthetic, but thanks to a blissful Sleigh Bells soundtrack and gorgeous, hazy cinematography, consider this mini-movie the only thing you need to daydream your Thursday away. Watch it below!