Barbie Put A Boy In Its Moschino Commercial And That’s Just Wonderful

so fierce!

For the first time ever, a boy is starring in a Barbie campaign. The ad for Moschino’s Barbie doll features a diverse lineup of little girls, too. Welcome to 2015, a time when kids can be kids and play with whatever they want.

I, for one, am over the moon with this ad. It would have saved me a ton of self-loathing and years of hiding in my room with my sister’s dolls. Boys like dolls, too, and not just those action figures targeted toward them. This Barbie is glam as hell. Plus, these kids are teaching us all how to say Moschino (mos-keen-oh). Sure, the doll will set someone back $150—and even more if the kid wants to dress like their Barbie (that’s a $1,695 purse she’s carrying)—but its advertising is a big middle finger to those folks who refuse to believe that moving away from gender-specific toys is a good thing. Perhaps it’ll inspire more kids to play across gender lines.

You, much like the Barbie you’re playing with, tiny Jeremy Scott lookalike, are “so fierce.”