Barcelona Fall In Love Video

fall headfirst into their gorgeous new video.

by liza darwin

The fact that it's Valentine's Day probably means you don't need another swoony, over-the-top love song to add to your playlist (that is why we made the anti- Valentine's mixtape, after all...).

But trust us on this one! Although the new single from Barcelona might be ultra-romantic, it's also incredibly gorgeous and stays firmly planted on the cool side of the sonic map, not cheesy. The Seattle trio has made heartfelt, intimate tunes their MO since they first started 2012--and why shouldn't they, since they do it so well?

The proof lies in the guys' newest single, the lush, R&B-inflected "Fall in Love." The woozy track has been making waves online since it first dropped about three months ago, and it's only fitting that the punch-drunk jam earns an equally captivating video.

According to Barcelona's Brian Fennel, "We wanted to make a video that was both sexy and a little uncomfortable. Sometimes being away from someone you long for or lust after is almost more intense and unnerving than being with them." Watch the video below, and hear it on their new EP, Love You, out next week.