BCBG Is Closing Its Stores And Taking Our Teenage Memories With It

The brand is moving things online

Another retailer bites the dust. According to Bloomberg, BCBG is closing its physical retail doors. They proverbial ones will still be open; they’ll just be mostly accessible online.

This news isn't entirely surprising. The landscape for brands has been bleak lately, with many shuttering or going bankrupt. Let’s not even talk about the slow death of our childhood malls. People just aren’t shopping IRL as much as they used to, and fashion is taking a hit as a result.

"Like so many other great brands, BCBG has been negatively impacted by the growth in online sales and shifts in customer shopping patterns and, as a result, has too large a physical retail footprint," Seth Lubove, a spokesman for BCBG, told Fortune

It’s hard out here for fashion brands, particularly those that might conjure up sweet memories for people but aren’t exactly the first stops on the list of places to shop anymore. But the fact that the company isn’t closing altogether, merely shifting its focus to e-commerce, is proof that people are still interested in dolling out their money for the perfect summer maxi, gala gown, or party dress. They just don’t want to drive to the store in order to do so.