It’s Lit: Guilty Pleasures

    Beach reads that you won’t be able to put down

    by · July 23, 2016

    If we could, we would spend the majority of our time here on earth skimming through our favorite bookshops and running through libraries. But even if we could, there sadly wouldn’t be enough time to read every book in existence—that’s why we rely on recommendations from friends, family, and our favorite authors. Every week, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite reads because literature is, well, lit.

    As writers and editors, the majority of the little time that we have left to read for our own indulgence is dedicated to tomes that leave us inspired or, at the very least, having learned something new. But summer is the time we give into our favorite guilty pleasure—the beach read. Entertaining, humorous, and typically far-fetched—not without a healthy dose of romance and coming-of-age lessons, of course—these plots take our minds off of things and on a vacation that is sometimes much more needed than our physical getaways.

    With about six weeks of summer left, we didn’t want you digging for the best page-turners to accompany you poolside or on a long weekend escape, so we picked out the best books we’ve read all summer for you. Note: As hard as it may be to peel away from these reads, make sure to reapply sunscreen and actually enjoy the water.

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