beard envy kit by billy jealousy

Maintain your facial hair…

by Christian Lavery

Sure, it took a little longer than you had originally hoped, but now that you've finally grown some formidable facial hair--and resisted the urge to shave it off completely through its itchiest of stages--a whole new issue has made itself known: how on earth does one take care of this thing!? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Billy Jealousy, the decade old name within the grooming world has complied a kit to make sure your beard garners a whole bunch of envy. Equipped with an aloe and soy protein infused hydrating beard wash that cleans, softens, and detangles, as well as a boar bristle brush and a styling beard control product, you’ll be able to tame your facial hair to look its best day in and day out.

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